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Display Size:19 “


Support hotline:+86 400-1818-992

Product Description

C14ST is a 1-megapixel clinical medical monitor with built-in projected capacitive screen, supports multi-point operation, and glove mode.

It adopts a full-plane touch key design, which is convenient for daily cleaning and disinfection. Multiple built-in display modes meet the needs of doctors to view various types of image data; first-class image display provides ideal clinical images for the entire hospital, supports doctors to make decisions quickly, improves hospital efficiency, and improves patient satisfaction.

After strict DICOM calibration, it accurately displays medical images and the smallest details, meeting the high precision requirements of medical images. The built-in integrated backlight sensor monitors the brightness of the backlight, ensuring that the display can quickly achieve brightness stability at startup and maintain a consistent brightness throughout the life cycle.


Feature Highlights

Backlight Stabilization System

The built-in integrated backlight sensor continuously monitors the brightness of the backlight. It can quickly achieve brightness stability at startup and automatically compensate for changes in ambient temperature and brightness loss caused by long-term use, maintaining brightness consistency throughout the product life cycle.

Compliant with DICOM Standard

Medical images including the most subtle details can be displayed precisely. Keep display consistency between different displays as well as display and different imaging modalities, ensure the accuracy of diagnosis.

Touch Screen

Built-in infrared touch screen, support six-point touch, support touch zoom in, zoom out, annotation and other operations, standard electronic whiteboard software.

Technical Specification
Product modelC14ST
Product name1MP Color Medical Display
Display size19"
Support color16.7 million
Viewing angle178° Typ.
Brightness330cd/m² Typ.
Contrast1000:1 Typ.
Input signal interfaceDVI-D: 24 pin; VGA:D-Sub 15pin
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Service Hotline

+86 400-1818-992


+86 400-1818-992

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