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Learning and Growth

A. New employee training

In order to help new employees quickly understand the company, integrate into the team, and quickly start their jobs, the company regularly organizes induction training for new employees.

B. On-the-job employee training

In order to improve the quality of R&D personnel, the R&D center regularly organizes professional skills training, with the company's experienced chief engineer serving as lecturer, and realizes remote teaching in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Shenyang. In order to improve the quality of sales staff, the domestic brand department regularly organizes sales skills training and exchanges and sharing. In order to improve the management skills of management cadres, the company organizes special training for the empowerment of management cadres every year.

Salary and Benefits

Salary bonus

Provide competitive salaries, rich year-end bonuses, outstanding employee awards, patent awards, and flexible salary adjustment mechanism for outstanding talents.

Welfare system

Comfortable office environment, well-decorated talent apartment, six insurances and one housing fund, Shenzhen household registration, flexible working system, coffee break time, telephone fee subsidy, paid annual leave, annual physical examination, exquisite holiday gifts.

Team building

New Year's party, colorful team building activities, employee travel, employee birthday party.

Service Hotline

+86 400-1818-992


+86 400-1818-992

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