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About Beacon

Company Profile

Shenzhen Beacon Display Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise dedicate to medical display technology innovation and application, which provides professional solutions for medical imaging application including transmission, management, display & human machine interface. It is the subsidiary of Zhejiang Jingxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (stock code 002020).
Beacon has been widely recognized by the market. Many world-class medical imaging equipment manufacturers have chosen Beacon as the strategic ODM partner such as GE, Philips, Siemens, Hitachi, Canon, United Imaging, Mindray, Sonoscape etc. For standard off the shelf medical display Beacon currently holds about 50% market share in domestic market, more than 8000 hospitals are using Beacon's product now; The products are exported to about 100 countries worldwide.

R & D bases

100 +

Countries regions

8000 +

Hospital users

300000 +

Annual capacity

Company Culture


Care for your health


Pragmatic, innovative, inclusive, and win-win

Talent Concept

Create value and grow together

Development concept

Professionalism, collaboration, innovation, sharing

Development Path

Vision ...
Global leader in medical display and human-machine interface products The leader of integrated medical imaging solutions in China
2021 Year
First to launch dual-system 86-inch intelligent medical imaging comprehensive consultation center globally
2020 Year
Launched the first 32-inch FHD surgical display in China
2018 Year
First to launch Low Blue Light Medical Display globally. Led the industry into era of 8MP Medical Display through technical innovation
2015 Year
Promoted the first Intelligent Image Reading Center in China.
2014 Year
Launched the world’s first DSA Surgical Display
2011 Year
Beacon merged with Shenyang Torch-Bigtide Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
2009 Year
O primeiro a lançar um monitor Integrado Dual monitor na China
2007 Year
First to launch large screen Consultation Center worldwide
2005 Year
O primeiro a lançar monitor médico de 2 MP e 3 MP na China
2004 Year
Shenzhen Beacon Display Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
Enterprise Honor

Enterprise Honor


Research Innovation

Team situation, annual R&D investment, patents, etc.

Shenzhen Beacon Display Technology Co., Ltd. has a professional and capable high-tech R&D team with an average of more than 10 years of R&D experience, a good educational background and rich medical imaging display technology R&D experience.

The company has a unique intellectual property management system, professional intellectual property work team and a complete system guarantee, with hundreds of patents and software works

Global Layout

2 R&D Centers, 3 Manufacturing Bases, Worldwide Support

ShenZhen headquarters



ShenZhen headquarters







South Korea

Service Hotline

+86 400-1818-992


+86 400-1818-992

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