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Display Size:55“


Support hotline:+86 400-1818-992

Product Description

S5583P is a 55-inch 4K surgical medical display with high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, and wide viewing angle. Surgeons or clinicians, who can perform surgical treatments or monitors through surgical endoscopes, laparoscopic cameras, surgical microscopes, or other medical imaging devices are designed with a full-flat, narrow-bezel design for integration into endoscopy systems and operating room environments. Designed to be easily hung or integrated into a medical cart or operating room boom.

S5583P supports various image display modes such as PIP, Quad, POP, said by said, mirroring, and flipping, which makes the doctor's operation more flexible..


Feature Highlights

GAMMA Split Screen Display

When displaying two signal sources side by side on the same screen, you can adjust the display mode of each image (gamma 1.8-2.6 or DICOM preset mode) without disturbing the other image. It perfectly present multimode applications, in which endoscope, CT and MRI images can be accurately displayed on the same display.

Image 180° Rotation And Mirroring

Regardless of the orientation of the surgical camera, you can rotate or mirror the displayed image by 180 degrees to find the perfect surgical view, improving the convenience of the operating room.

Multi-Screen Display

PaP function can be used to view two independent signal sources simultaneously within one screen. With PiP function, the second signal can be displayed above the main signal, size and position of the PiP window can be adjusted. In four-screen mode, four signal sources can be displayed on the monitor screen, arranged in the shape of "田". It is very useful when multiple images need to be viewed at the same time (such as multiple modes).

3.BT.2020 Wide Color Gamut

Supporting BT.2020 compliance will allow Beacon's 4K display perform accurate color recognition from analog 4K video connectivity beyond the Beacon's HD monitor's REC709 compliance. It can achieve the perfect presentation of the dynamic images captured by the BT.2020 standard camera.

Technical Specification
Product modelS5583P
Product name4K UHD Surgical Display
Display size55"
Support color1.07 billion
Viewing angle178° Typ.
Brightness700cd/m² Typ.
Contrast1100:1 Typ.
Input signal interfaceDVI-D: 24 pin; VGA: D-sub 15 pin;
DisplayPort: 20 pinHDMI: 20pin;
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Service Hotline

+86 400-1818-992


+86 400-1818-992

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