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Display Size:42"


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Product Description

Real and accurate image restoration, high brightness, high contrast, and wide viewing angle display performance ensure its display effect in minimally invasive and operating room environments, and provide reliable support for doctors to observe in detail.

Multiple video input and output interfaces, fully meet the requirements of various endoscopes, operating rooms and ICUs. The installation structure that meets the high-level purification requirements of the operating room is fully compatible with the installation of the operating room.


Feature Highlights

Hybrid OR Suitable Design

Since Hybrid OR has been the trend of modern operating room, more safety and multi-purpose of OR environment , Beacon surgical display has been designed with rounded corner-edge and Edge to Edge, true flat glass type for the front surface of the display is with IP65 of the protection rate in order to prevent the display from splashing of water and blood and from penetration of foreign substances. The detachable plastic interface cover will be another good product feature to hide and tidy up the power cord and signal cord to for safety and hygienic purpose.

Display mode

Two independent signal sources can be viewed side by side on the screen at the same time or display in PiP mode in any corner of the display. When using PaP, SBS or PiP, the size and position of both windows can be adjusted.

Optical bonding

The innovative optical enhancement by vacuum bonding between the LCD panel and the protective screen, will amplify the image performance to eliminate the light reflection and enhance the contrast ratio as the primary purpose and improve the luminance & the color sharpness to suit dedicated surgical imaging.

Long-distance signal transmission

Support long-distance signal transmission up to 30 meters (applicable to DVI, 3G-SDI).

Technical Specification
Product modelS421
Product nameFHD Surgical Display
Display size42"
Support color1.07 billion
View angle178° Typ.
Brightness700cd/m² Typ.
Contrast ratio1300:1 Typ.
Input signal interfaceDVI-D*1, 3G-SDI*1 VGA*1, RGBS*1,
CVBS*1 S-video*1
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Service Hotline

+86 400-1818-992


+86 400-1818-992

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