12MP Medical Image Multi Modality Intelligent Diagnosis Display System

Product mode  C1216W
Display size   30.9"
Support color  1.07 Billion
Resolution    4200x2800
View angle   178°Typ


Product Introduction

C1216W is with 4200X2800 resolution, ultra high brightness, ultra high contrast, wide angle of view.
C1216W can keep the consistency of the brightness during the life cycle of the display, and calibrate the DICOM continuously, built-in 14bit LUT, can meet the demand of high precision medical imaging. It support multi-modal full image fusion diagnosis, built-in multiple application gamma, custom gamma curve, AI operation mixed gamma, one key quick switching, making image diagnosis accurate, simple and fast.
C1216W can display two medical images perfectly with one screen and make more accurate comparison, it can be applied into various of medical imaging diagnoses and comparison analyses, improve the diagnostic accuracy and working efficiency. Multifunctional configuration covers diagnosis application scenarios, including spotlight, backlight, spotlight, KVM control, picture self-test, intelligent control software, etc.


Product mode


Display size


Support color

1.07 Billion



View angle

178° Typ


1200 cd/㎡ Typ


1500:1 Typ

 Input signal interface

HDMI *2,DP*2

 Onput signal interface


Product Advantages

New ID design, fine ultra slim frame, simple and beautiful

Focus on the lesion once touched, , support zoom, easy to move and operate

Full image fusion diagnosis, can quickly switch a variety of gamma, to meet the needs of personalized images

KVM control function supports simultaneous connection of two workstations for different image diagnosis and automatic switching keyboard and mouse control, easy to read, save space

Built in standard spectrum and embedded QA, independent quality inspection, all-round guarantee of image quality

It has the functions of background light and film reading light to create a comfortable film reading environment

The intelligent control software makes it easy to read the film (configure mouse positioning, intelligent mouse cross screen switching, screen energy saving control, virtual screen, intelligent screen capture and other functions)

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