2MP Grayscale Medical Display

Product mode  G23S+
Display size   21.3"
Support color   4096 grayscale
Resolution    1600×1200
View angle    178° Typ


Product Introduction

G23S+ is with 2MP (1600x1200) high resolution, high brightness, high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle and can be applied to various medical image equipment and PACS systems .
G23S+ is with LED backlit panel unit, ultra-thin design.Each display is strictly calibrated to compliant with DICOM standard, ensure the accurate display of medical images and details. The built-in backlight stabilization system can ensure the consistence performance in long-term use.

Blue light belongs to the short wavelength in the spectrum, which can generate a lot of energy and exist in the display screen. Long-term overexposure to blue light could lead to an increased risk of macular lesions. Beacon's G23S+ low blue light diagnostic can reduce more than 50% of harmful blue light and sinificantly reduce the risk of macular lesions.


Product mode


Display size


Support color

4096 grayscale



View angle

 178° Typ


1900 cd/㎡ Typ


1800:1 Typ

 Input signal interface

DVI-D: 24 pin 
Display Port: 20 pin
VGA:D-Sub 15pin

Product Advantages

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