5MP Grayscale Medical Display

Product Model ​: G52SP+(ML2103HYAJFIQB3)
Display size​ : 21.3"
Support color​ : 4096 Grayscale
Resolution​ : 2560×2048
View angle​ : 170° Typ


Product Introduction

G52SP+ iswith 5MP (2560x2048) high resolution, high brightness, high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle and can be applied to various medical image equipment and PACS systems .

G52SP+ maintained throughout the life of the brightness stability and the ability to conduct continuous DICOM calibration, built-in 14bit LUT, meet medical imaging high precision requirements.

G52SP+is with LED backlight,ultra-thin true flat design and AR protection glass,which makes it is anti-reflective,clean and disinfect easily.


    Product Model
    Display size
    Support color
    4096 Grayscale
    View angle
    170° Typ
    1200:1 Typ
    Input signal interface
    DVI-D: 24 pin
    DispalyPort: 20 pin

Product Advantages

Compliant with DICOM standard,ensure accurate medical images display
Strict medical certifications can meet requirements in all clinical application areas
Backlight stabilization system guarantee the consistency during long-term use
With optional protection screen,prevent the display from damage in harsh conditions,easy to clean and disinfect
Ergonomic design,supports both portrait and landscape display
Built-in multiple display mode,provide best performance for different kind of modalities
ALL monitors feature with LED backlight panel unit,ultralight & ultrathin design,more environtally friendly

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