Beacon Display show at Arab Health 2020 in the beginning of this New Year

  • From January 27th to 30th, 2020, during the Chinese New Year, Shenzhen Beacon Display continued to delivery, helping great medical staff to fight the New Coronavirus Outbreak. At the same time, the Beacon Display’s overseas marketing team also departed for the Dubai International Trade Center to participate in Arab Health 2020.

    As a hub node on the Belt and Road Initiative, Dubai is an important window for East-West communication and cooperation. Arab Health is the largest professional medical professional expo in the Middle East. In 2020, about 4,150 companies from 64 countries around the world will participate in the exhibition. More than 50,000 doctors, hospital administrators, and medical device distributors from Central Asia, West Asia, South Asia, Africa, and Europe will visit and negotiate business.

    Precision medicine requires precise display. During this exhibition, Beacon Display showed a variety of products such as diagnosis, endoscopy, surgery, and ODM customization, which attracted a large number of people from the industry to consult and exchange.

    The S551 surgical medical display is one of the highest-end products of Beacon Display. It is also the first time that it has been exhibited in the Middle East this year. S551 adopts the current most advanced IPS-Pro display display, 8 million pixels, adopts FPGA non-destructive split screen and real-time signal processing technology. It has 12 signal inputs and 8-channel signal real-time display. It also supports dynamic switching display layout, which can be set arbitrarily Layout, image zoom, etc. As a leader in DSA large-size displays, S551 is favored by clinicians in practical applications, with the largest installed capacity in China, and was exported to Pakistan in 2018, creating a precedent for the export of 8MP DSA medical displays in China.

    "Caring for health care" is one of the core concepts of the new generation of Beacon Display products. During the exhibition, Beacon displayed the 5MP low blue light grayscale display G53S + and 5MP low blue light color display C53S +, and received a lot of guest consultations. These two low-blue 5M products have the advantages of ultra-high resolution, ultra-high brightness, ultra-high contrast, wide viewing angle, and low power consumption. They can be widely used in various medical imaging equipment and medical information systems including digital breasts. At the same time, the low blue light display can reduce harmful blue light by more than 50% compared with ordinary medical displays, can significantly reduce the risk of diagnosing doctors' macular degeneration, and effectively protect and care for the health of medical staff.

    During the exhibition, customers from various regions experienced operation and contrast display in front of the Beacon Display products, experienced the accurate display of various clinical images and the convenience of operation, and showed strong interest in the series display products. At the same time, customers expressed a strong willingness to cooperate after understanding the global resource allocation capabilities and global quality service capabilities of Beacon Display.

    “Dubai Health City” is the world's first comprehensive healthcare free zone. Dubai has a unique status and influence on the international stage. According to the GCC Healthcare Industry Report released by Alpen Capital, the UAE healthcare market total amount will reach 19.5 billion US dollars in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.7%, which is a huge potential medical market. Beacon Display has grown into a well-known medical display brand with a certain international influence. It has provided high-quality equipment and good services to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and promoted the construction of the Healthy Silk Roadalong the Belt and Road with love and responsibility.

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