RSNA 2019, See More Possibilities, Explore the Future

  • "A Gathering of Talents" —— Global experts in radiology and elites gather to judge  the future trends of medicine and radiology.

    "Challenge the future"—— AI, VR, 5G, new explorations, new challenges and new opportunities are presented here.

    "China's Intelligent Manufacturing"——A wonderful collection of RSNA's Chinese Legion.

    RSNA 2019 was held from December 1 to 6, 2019 in Chicago, USA, as an annual "stars gathering" event in the global radiology community. This year attracted tens of thousands of experts, scholars and business representatives from more than 100 countries.

    "See possibilities together", when wandering this futuristic exploration journey, we found that with the rapid development of Chinese radiology, more and more companies and scholars from China appeared in the RSNA Annual Conference , which implys that China already played a significant role in the stage of the world . Beacon Display exhibited the new products and technologies at the booth 3925 in South Hall, which once again aroused a lot of attention and admiration.


    Beacon Display aims to “Accurate Image”

     Beacon Display has been committed to the goal of "Accurate Image" and strives for excellence since its establishment. New products from several major product lines including diagnostics, clinical, endoscopic & surgery, and ultrasound were exhibited at this exhibition. They are dedicated to improving the accurate display of medical images, and helping to achieve the perfect combination of Accurate Image-Precise display-Accurate diagnosis.


    8MP integrated dual-screen display: The dual-screen display function can ensure the consistency of medical image. It is suitable for diagnosis and comparative analysis of various medical images and can realize non-destructive interaction with terminals such as large screens.

    4K Surgical Medical Display: Various sizes are available from 27 inches to 55 inches. This time we exhibited the latest 55-inch surgical medical large screen, which supports 12 channels of signal input.

    Explore more possibilities for the future of industry

    The turbulent century of radiology development history is an history of human exploration in unknown medicine and human body. In this long century-long corridor, RSNA is like a multidimensional space waiting to be explored, which will bring unexpected surprises to every radiology practitioner.

    Through the communication with visiting experts and scholars at this conference, Beacon Display will continue to deepen customers’ needs in the future, using the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to create medical display products and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment solutions for medical institutions to enhance their diagnosis and treatment capabilities and provide high quality services for patients.


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